Who works at Foodstuffs?

With over 30,000 people working across the organisation, it's almost impossible to list every single type of job and the kind of person doing it. Having said that below are some groups to give you an idea on where you might fit in at Foodstuffs.


Graduates looking to get their careers off to a flying start, retail managers, and experienced professionals with backgrounds such as finance, law, logistics, property, marketing, training and development, HR and FMCG come to Foodstuffs because in New Zealand, business simply doesn't get any bigger.

School Leavers

When they leave school, some young people look at the choices available to them, and opt for a job that works for them on as many levels as possible. They will look for one that's enjoyable, sociable, close to home, one that pays well, and that has the opportunity for career progression should they choose to take that path. With Foodstuffs stores fulfilling all of those criteria for young people, we're a very natural choice.

Return to work

When the kids have left the nest – whether for good, or during school hours, many parents choose to gain that feeling of independence that comes from working. With family commitments still being the most important priority for parents, they often choose a job within a Foodstuffs retail store that is handy to home and flexible in hours.

Mature Worker

Many of the more mature people in the community don't want to just ‘stop' once they approach retirement age. Foodstuffs stores offer such people a sociable, respectful, ‘busy' environment, in which they can contribute and feel valued, whilst earning a very handy income.


Some people, as they get on in years, look to slow things down in their careers, to stop commuting, and to find a job that fits in with their lifestyle. These people enjoy bringing their wealth of life and professional experience to an environment such as a Foodstuffs store, and enjoy the freedom that comes from ‘downsizing'.

Casual/Part time

When meeting life's needs requires us to work, the natural next step is to look for something that is enjoyable, close to home, pays well, and fits in with life. Due to the many different operating hours of our stores, Foodstuffs presents the perfect solution for those needing casual or part-time hours.