Rewards & Benefits

At Foodstuffs, just as there is a fantastic range of career choices available, there is an impressive range of benefits for working with us.

The FMCG / Supermarket industry is an ever-changing landscape, and we can promise that a career with Foodstuffs will be one in which you are constantly adapting to change - changes in technology, in what people are buying, and in how they are buying.

With Foodstuffs, people earn well for the work they do, but just as important in this day and age is security and work/life balance. Considering that our brands are well established, and that our business is built around providing products that will always be in demand, Foodstuffs can offer you a good level of job security. What’s more, because we’re represented in the big cities and the smallest communities, you have the opportunity to work closer to home, and our hours of operation are such that we can offer comparatively flexible work arrangements.

Aside from the standard benefits you can expect in this industry other potential benefits available to you could include:

  • Remuneration Packages – not just a pay packet
  • Job Security
  • Work / Life balance
  • Flexible shifts and flexible working arrangements
  • The ability to work in your local community
  • Transfer potential across the regions and the country

As well as the above Individual stores and sites will also provide with you with additional rewards and benefits – to find out more why don’t you talk to your nearest store or site about the opportunities and benefits available to you.