Chances are, you'll be more familiar with the names of our stores than the organisation behind them.

People don't go to Foodstuffs to get their groceries, they go to New World, PAK'nSAVE, or Four Square, and when they're stocking up the cabinet, they head to Liquorland or Henrys. These stores are very much the ‘face of Foodstuffs', and between them they offer a staggering range of employment opportunities.

New World began in 1963, and has become synonymous with warm, personal customer service, variety in the products sold, and being genuine specialists. From an employee's perspective, New World is about passion, being a part of tight-knit, supportive teams, and becoming experts so that they can add to its reputation.

The first PAK'nSAVE store was launched in Kaitaia in1986, and since then New Zealanders have embraced the idea of packing their own groceries and enjoying the savings. Working at PAK'nSAVE is about energy, fun, and learning the skills associated with delivering great service in an environment where the customer is very much doing their own thing.

Since its appearance on shop fronts in 1925, the Four Square logo is famous in New Zealand. Featuring in many Kiwiana designs, the famous brand stands for local, for convenience, and for a closer relationship with the customer. Customers ‘pop in' to their local Four Square to buy their more frequently purchased items or the latest news in the community. Four Square offers employees the opportunity to work closer to home, and to build a career around being ‘local'. More information about our supermarkets can be found here.

Gilmours, Trents and Toops are wholesalers for local businesses, success is in the service, the selection of goods, and the smile. Gilmours in the top half of the North Island, Trents in the South Island, and Toops in the lower North Island are there to support local businesses, and to help them succeed. So, from your favourite takeaway shop right through to the local dairy, convenience store or restaurant, not only do we provide a cash and carry or delivery service, but we offer a product range, a service ethic, and a level of individual business knowledge that makes a huge difference. This is your chance to build a hugely enjoyable career, and to learn the business behind helping local business be the best they can be. More information about our wholesale brands can be found here.

Henrys and Liquorland are the local liquor suppliers in the community. They enjoy a very regular clientele, and to employees they offer the ability to not only learn valuable store management skills, but to step into a very specialised area of retail, one which will stand you in good stead in the hospitality industry. More information about our liquor brands can be found here.

Pams and Budget are product ranges from Foodstuffs Own Brands Limited, offering customers genuine value in their shopping. Key to getting the best products at the right price is managing the relationships with suppliers, which creates the need for FMCG operators from product sourcing right through to marketing and promotions. More information about Foodstuffs Own Brands Limited can be found here.