About Foodstuffs

Foodstuffs is the second largest employer in New Zealand, with over 30,000 employees working across the regional co-operatives and retail stores throughout the country.

One of the greatest things about this organisation, though, is that - from the support centres right through to the check outs at your local supermarket - we are 100% Kiwi owned and operated. So, as a potential employee, you have all the benefits of working for a big organisation, whilst having the comfort of knowing that it's a big business with a very personal touch.

We're first and foremost a retail business, with over 680 owner-operated full service supermarkets, retail food warehouses, grocery and small convenience stores, liquor stores and fuel sites in New Zealand. Beyond retail, though, is the business supporting these stores, such as transport and logistics, warehousing, and of course marketing and advertising. It means that Foodstuffs offers tremendous diversity - in the types and locations of jobs available.

Our owner-operators are well known in their communities, not just because they are often one of the largest employers in town, but also because they are active in that community, often donating time, money and goods to worthy organisations.

Because we're a business of people serving people, we all enjoy what we do. Through our unswerving commitment to service, and our dedication to giving our employees the opportunity to learn, grow and excel through quality training, we're ensuring the continued success of the organisation.