About the Wholesale Business

Unlike the average consumer, wholesale customers will buy in bulk, they can often make large scale transactions, and will normally be regular enough to have a specific account at the store.

The wholesale business is all about providing goods and services to the trade. Where our Supermarkets are all about serving the needs of the individual consumer, our Trade/ Wholesale Operations are about serving the needs of businesses so they, in turn, are able to serve the needs of their customers.

In these businesses we are about meeting the needs of everyone from your local convenience store or petrol station through to all areas of the hospitality industry - from your local takeaway shop through to your top restaurants. If you are in business we can help – from the tea and coffee in your staff cafeteria to the ingredients for your signature dish.

Because their business depends on the quality of their stock, your customers take their shopping very seriously, and demand excellent levels of customer service, and product knowledge from those working there. Working in this very busy area, you’ll learn how to develop good working relationships with such clients, how to meet their needs, and how to ensure that they keep coming back.