About Support & Supply

The support and supply business functions / divisions are all about providing our retail and wholesale members with all they need to serve our customers.

These functions can be split into four key areas:

Support Centres

Our Support Centres in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch provide our retail and wholesale members with support for everything from finding land to build new supermarkets on, to supporting the systems which allow the stores to run effectively. In our support centres you can find jobs / careers in:

  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Finance / Commercial Operations
  • Property / Store Development
  • Retail Operations
  • Training and Development / HR
  • Legal; and Supply Chain / Logistics

Distribution Centres

Our Ambient and Fresh Distribution Centres around the country ensure stock from our suppliers is effectively and efficiently processed and then made available for distribution to our member stores.


The three Transport companies (Route & Retail / AF Logistics and Transport South Island) ensure that all products whether fresh or ambient arrive at our stores on time and at the freshest and best quality.

Foodstuffs Own Brands Limited (FOBL)

FOBL is responsible for management of our ‘home brand’ programme ensuring through brands such as Pams and Budget that our customers have a broader choice of options when they shop and are able to get products at the right price to suit all budgets!