Supermarket Job Roles

If the prospect of working in one of our supermarkets appeals to you, take a moment to see what types of roles are available so you can get a feel for how Foodstuffs can add value to your life. Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the roles, make sure you hear from the people behind the job titles or search for a job.

Key Role Types:

Bakery Manager

As a manger of a fresh food department you get to be innovative. Your creativity will always be challenged as you ensure the best in product range, product selection & merchandising, and the rewards lie in the freedom to make your own decisions, set targets and builld a loyal customer base. The ingredients that go into a successful bakery manager include good decision making, delegation and negotiation skills as well as the ability to identify growth areas and then make plans to achieve set targets. You’ll be able to identify staff growth areas and be a mentor to your team as well as being innovative, flexible, have excellent time management and of course great people skills.

Compliance Manager

As our Compliance Manager you will be responsible for ensuring that all staff within your store comply with all legislative requirements. In particular, your focus will be on Health & Safety and Food Safety, and your knowledge of both the ACC WSMP health and safety system requirements and the NZFSA audit standards will ensure that you hit the ground running. Training staff will be an aspect of this role so you need to have great communication skills and the ability to converse with people from a wide range of backgrounds. We need someone with the passion and drive to make this job their own.

Checkout Supervisor

The checkout is quite often the window to our business. The smoother and more efficient the check out, the more the customer will want to come back, so the way you manage your checkouts will have a very big impact on the store as a whole. From time to time, there will be issues that arise, and your job will be to deal with them so that the checkout staff and customers aren't inconvenienced.

Store Cashier

Looking after the processing of all financial transactions, you'll play a vital part of our financial function within the business. Whilst much of your time will be spent in an isolated environment where security and accuracy are paramount, you'll need the ability to interact with internal and external customers. A Cashier must be able to adapt to a number of different environments according to the task required at the time. Key to this role also is the ability to be able to work in a very structured and thorough manner.

Night (or Morning) Fill

Have you ever thought about how it is that the shelves in our stores look so good and so well organised? Well, we are the people responsible for getting this done. Our job is to ensure the store shelves are well stocked and that the shop is clean and tidy for when you, as customers are in the store. Mostly, we work during the night, or first thing in the morning in the case of morning fills, so that each day when customers arrive, all the shelves are full. We take great pride in what we do, and enjoy working together to get a good job done.

Florist Assistant

As our Floral Assistant you’ll use your passion for gardens and flowers every single day. You’ll take great pride in ensuring that the floral displays are kept fresh and full, and you’ll enjoy sharing your passion with your customers. You’ll need an eye for detail, and a fantastic way with people from all walks of life.

Chilled Foods Manager

You’ll be responsible for one of the largest departments in the supermarket, a responsibility that includes driving your team to reach the highest standards of presentation, cleanliness and stock rotation, as well as negotiating with suppliers to get a price that suits your customers while still being able to meet your Gross Profit targets. Success in this role demands great people skills and an excellent attitude, whether you’re dealing with customer inquiries, staff or suppliers.