Working in the Liquor Industry

The liquor business is very different from that of our stores and markets, in that it is dealing with an adult audience which comes with an incredible range of needs and wants. Your customers’ tastes in beers, wines and spirits will be hugely varied - and meeting these needs makes for a very exciting job indeed. Working in this area of retail will give you a fantastic array of skills, including:

  • Specialised knowledge - you’ll need to know the ‘stories’ behind everything from the slab of entry level beer right through to the rarest Scottish Malt Whisky.
  • Customer Service - Dealing exclusively with adults, you will develop an understanding of what it is people are looking for, and be able to meet their needs.
  • All round Store operation - With a smaller staff than that of a supermarket, you will get to be involved in almost every facet of the store operation.