Foodstuffs Regions

Most big businesses in New Zealand have a single ‘head office’, meaning that it’s either only people from that city that get the opportunity to work in exciting areas such as sales, marketing, strategy, supply chain and management, or those prepared to move to the big city. Our Regional based Co-operatives are based in three of the busy centres around the country, and also include satellite distribution centres in smaller regional locations. They offer more people more opportunity in more roles than you think. It’s your chance to get involved in the world of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), without having to move too far from home.

The two regional co-operatives within Foodstuffs are:

  • Foodstuffs North Island Limited – covers the North Island with Support Centres and Distribution Centres in Auckland, Upper Hutt, Palmerston North and Rotorua.
  • Foodstuffs South Island Limited - is based in Papanui, Christchurch, and caters to the entire South Island as well as Stewart Island and the Chathams.

Both Cooperatives have their own mandates, and each one is an independent business in its own right. Whilst we’re very supportive of each other nationwide, and work nationally when the need arises, there’s a definite benefit to having big decisions made by people who know the area, and its unique business characteristics.