Foodstuffs Co-operative

When a customer is shopping in one of our retail stores, they're not concerned about how a product came to be there, about the creative process behind the promotion of it, or where in the country the decisions get made - all they're interested in is having access to products and services that make life easier. From an employees point of view, it's about being part of a much greater team working closely in the co-operative to ensure that our customer get what they need and go home happy.

We call it a co-operative, because it is just that - a group of people working together for one common goal. Unlike many organisations whose ‘head offices' are located offshore or away from their business ours are right where they need them amongst our customers. They exist to provide whatever support is necessary to help the store owners be as successful as possible. So, as someone working in the hub of the region, you're playing your part in supporting our owner operators, listening to their needs, and providing important insight to make business better.

When you're shopping at one of our stores, it's great to know that it's New Zealand owned and operated by people who are everyday New Zealanders. The owner operators of the stores are proud of the fact they're also members of the community they serve.

As great believers in the fact that the only way to provide that kind of support is to be as close as possible to the people we're serving, Foodstuffs is broken into three distinct, regionally based co-operatives.

Each is collectively owned and governed by the owner-operators of the retail stores in their region. With each Support Centre being responsible for its own area we're able to focus on our own markets and make the right decisions - for the employees and customers alike.