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Not too long ago, New Zealand was a very conservative place when it comes to food, but in recent years Kiwis have really embraced the tastes and flavours from around the world, and when you come shopping in our stores, you’ll find that the Deli is one of the busiest areas of the store, with people taking their time choosing between an incredible range of food. Working in the Deli means working in an environment where you’ll gain a fantastic knowledge of a wide range of products, thereby ensuring that you have the answer to any question a customer may ask. You’re dealing with hot and cold food, and making sure that the food is fresh and presented in the right way. You need to be someone who gets on really well with all kinds of people, and who genuinely enjoys helping others.

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New World Delicatessen Advisor,
Foodstuffs Wellington

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Michelle - New World Delicatessen Advisor

Michelle is another of our ‘careerers’ because ever since she left school, she’s been with Foodstuffs. With no real career goals when she started, hers is a story of discovery as she found out that not only was she good at her work, but that her ability could take her places. Here, Michelle will give you a taste of Deli life, and explain that there is so much more to the department than ham and luncheon.