Featured Roles

Here’s your chance to take a closer look at certain key roles within our stores and markets. This will give you the kind of insight you need to make that all important decision about applying for a job.

Like all departments in our supermarkets, our Butchery, Bakery and Deli are led by Department Managers and – depending on the size of the store, there’s often an Assistant Manager supporting them. Not only are these roles critical to the success of the departments, but they provide you with the kind of skills you’d need to manage your own business. What’s more, all of these departments have key customer facing ‘assistant’ roles that provide a friendly knowledgeable face when our customers want a particular cut of meat salami or salad, or a particularly mouth watering pastry! For all our Departments we also have support centre based Advisor/retail support roles which provide further potential opportunities if your passion really lies within a particular department.